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Can you Help?

This Baby came into this world perfectly healthy, but with one distinction — he didn’t have a nose.

Every year, an estimated 7.9 million infants (6% of worldwide births) are born with serious birth defects. Although some congenital defects can be controlled and treated, an estimated 3.2 million of these children are disabled for life. Moreover, birth defects are the leading cause of infant mortality in the United States. But where do these defects come from? Although some birth defects are inherited, others are a product of harmful environmental factors known as teratogens, and still others are multifactorial, resulting from a complex interaction of genetic and environmental influences.

Please help this child either directly or with us. If you want to donate this child please let us know when you donate.

If you have done anything regarding this child please let us know we will update with your details.

His address is: Sandip Kami, Palpa, Kol danda

Thank you for your support.